Cipta Esensi Merenah abbreviated as Cenah is a software house company that focused developing web-based applications, such as online stores, HRIS, POS, Inventory, and other Information Systems that required by our clients.

We gained experience from creating, managing, and supporting business processes that use our solutions using the benefits of information and technology.

We helped our client by consulting about the implementation of information technology by suggesting the effectives solution on both sides.

Also we helped collecting data, integrating to existing system and then collaborating with external (third party) resources.


The IT Universe grow rapidly, sometimes makes business owners feels confused and unconvinced of information and technology that they want to or already in used. Since IT investment is not cheap, they are sometimes afraid to investing more in information and technology development.


To realize this vision, Cipta Esensi Merenah has 3 important missions, there are:

  1. Bring back information and technology for supporting every lines business process by giving clear explanation.
  2. Encouraging the client decision by reminding the "magic side" of information technology.
  3. Extracting the essence of information technology by creating suitable and usable solutions.


Cipta Esensi Merenah was founded by Daeng Rosanda on December 11, 2015 it was completely in 4 years vacuum, and now started again at the end of November 2019.

At first Cenah creating blog using WordPress (nyingspot.com). And then, creating own product diundang.com for wedding online invitation. Also, building online stores using Magento for our first client Kadoqu.com. After that, Cenah has project for redefining user interface of gizitinggi.org. This project is the last project that ended up on March 3, 2017.

Cipta Esensi Merenah will be revived again by its founder as a software house company that focus on web based application. Currently Cenah has 4 regular team members there are:

  • Daeng Rosanda as Founder and CEO,
  • Vanny Fandhiny as CFO and HR,
  • Dea Purbani as GA,
  • Rezza Muhammad Iqbal as Android Developer, and
  • Ruli Royana Widura as Junior Web Developer.

And then we have irregular members that supporting Cenah from back stage, we often called them "Ninja".

Our Happy Clients

Here the list of our happy clients:


Pusat Pengembangan Sumber Daya Air is an Indonesian goverment instituion that focused on research and development of water resources.


Cenah was helped Pusair for developing web based minutes of meeting application that cost effective, light weight, and manageable.


Daeng Rosanda of Cenah has a role as a resource person for the use of OpenKM starting from the infrastructure to the inside of the application.


Calysta is grown skin care services in Indonesia that helped people by giving the best treatment for skin and beauty.

Website Mitigation

We helped the mitigation of Calysta company profile after attacked by hacker. And then we have restoring the data also hardening the website by removing supicious codes and privilleges.

Business Consultation and Consolidation

We comes as consultant for discussing about the realization of ideas around information technology development.


Kementrian pariwisata dan ekonomi kreatif is one of ministries in Indonesia Goverment that focused on tourism and creativity.

BDE 2.0

Cenah developing website that contain about information of Kemenparekraf programme and E-Learning Solution.

Let's Cooperate!

If you are interested with our works or services, feel free to reaching us on: